Graduate Students

David Gabriel Alcantara

Multiscale modeling and simulation of robotic free-form electrophoretic 3D printing

David was a MS student in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley co-advised by Profs. Tarek Zohdi and Philip Marcus. Read More

David graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in mechanical engineering, as well as a BS in computer science. Outside of academics he enjoys hip-hop dance and video/board gaming.

Kate Edwards

Modeling of Additive Manufacturing of Bio Materials

Kate was a M.S. student in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley with a B.S. in mechanical engineering for Louisiana State University. Read More

Her research interests are in additive manufacturing and biomechanics through computational modeling. In her spare time Kate enjoys reading, visiting art museums, and hiking.

Chang Yoon Park

Particle Based Simulation Framework for Sintered Mechanical Components

Chang yoon Park graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019.Read More

His research topic was on optimizing toolpaths via physical simulations of the nozzle extrusion process in additive manufacturing techniques. Currently, he is working in personal projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Shanna Hays

Modeling of Inkjet Printing with Photopolymers

Shanna got her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2019. Read More

Research interests include investigation of material properties and behavior during additive manufacturing through computational modeling. In her spare time she enjoys jogging and hiking with her dog.

Maxwell Micali

Physical Simulation and Machine Learning for Manufacturing Toolpath Planning

Maxwell received his M.S. & Ph.D. while an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley. Read More

His Ph.D. work created new methods for coupling fast physical simulation and evolutionary machine learning techniques to optimize additive manufacturing, preventing common process defects without human intervention. He is broadly interested in cybermanufacturing, production planning, human-machine interaction, machining, and sustainable manufacturing. He was also a member of the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability. Prior to Berkeley, he graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Yale University. Non-engineering interests include marine biology, skiing, and science policy.

M. Erden Yildizdag

3D Printing of Smart Materials

Erden is from Kadikoy, Istanbul. His research interests include additive manufacturing,Read More

material point method, isogeometric analysis, and level set method. He is currently working on modeling and simulation of extrusion based additive manufacturing applications.

Donghoon Kim

Toolpath optimization of additive manufacturing process using Machine Learning

Donghoon was a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley. Read More

His main interests are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, and their applications to the modeling and simulation of advanced manufacturing processes. Other interests include mesh-free particle methods and micro/nano-scale self-assembly. In his free time, he usually goes to the gym or shows some magic tricks to other people.

Post-Doctorates & Visiting Scholars

Simon Schmidt

Phase Field Modelling of Transformation and Failure Mechanisms

Simon graduated from the University of Kaiserslautern with a Dipl.-Ing. in theoretical fundamentals of mechanical engineering. Read More

He is a PhD student in Kaiserslautern, working on modelling the martensitic transformation in metastable austenitic steels using a phase field approach. In his spare time he enjoys running, swimming and cycling.

Lukas Bante

Adapted Solver Methods for the Simulation of Additive Manufacturing

Lukas received B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration and a M.S. in Aerospace from the Technical University of Munich.Read More

He is a visiting student here at the CMMRL as part of his graduate studies. Further research interests are aerospace applications of additive manufacturing, space robotics and flight data analysis. He spends his spare time biking, hiking or climbing in the mountains and singing as a classical baritone.

Christoph Schreiber

Phase field modeling of fracture

Christoph received his B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees in his Bavarian home at HAW Landshut before he moved to Kaiserslautern to start his Ph.D studies at TUK.Read More

Currently, he enjoys his second scholar visit to the CMMR Lab. His research is focused on modeling different aspects of fracture, as e.g. fracture of anisotropic materials or fatigue crack growth utilizing the phase field method. When there is time, he likes to travel, go hiking, running, or snowboarding.

Timo Schmidt

Modeling and simulation of SLS-3D printing process

Timo received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg (Germany), and he is currently in a Master’s program in Hamburg. Read More

In the framework of a one year exchange program between the Technical University of Hamburg and UC Berkeley, Timo works in the Computational Manufacturing and Materials Research Lab. His main interests are various particle based multiphysics simulations. Moreover, he is interested in Additive Manufacturing and robotics. In his free time, he plays a European sport called team handball and he enjoys skiing and hiking.

Takashi Maeshima

Ultra-fast laser-patterning computation for advanced manufacturing of powdered materials

Dr. Maeshima started studying here as a visiting researcher. He is from Japan. Read More

He is working for TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D Labs as a researcher. His major is materials science and engineering. He will study prediction of the deposition of mixed powder material and of selective melting phenomenon of the mixed powder. He likes to play golf and go camping, and used to play the guitar.