DED Process Optimization - ARMS Lab UC Davis


Direct Energy Deposition (DED) process is one of the additive manufacturing processes that utilize laser to fuse material onto the workpiece. This technology is capable of creating complex parts that subtractive manufacturing cannot achieve. The process includes carrying metal powder using a shield gas onto the workpiece by a nozzle while a high-power laser fuses the powder on the desired location for each layer. However, this process is not fully optimized, therefore require further research on nozzle types and novel technologies to reduce porosity of the meltpool. To test this, a nozzle testing chamber was built at ARMS Lab UC Davis to obtain pressure and speed measurements at different locations leading up to the nozzle and validate CFD results. In addition, the feasibility of ultrasonic vibration on reduced DED meltpool porosity was investigated by a technical background research.

Emre Mengi

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